Proper SEO Keyword Density

SEO Keyword Density

A big part of seo is being able to type keyword appropriate articles for your selected niche. You are going to want to include your keyword several times on your webpage but not too much as to where the search engine will penalize you for over optimization.

It is a delicate balance of numbers so you’re going to want to mix up the words a little bit. Don’t do too many of your keyword as Google will notice what the page is about without you over doing it.

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Just make sure that the page is titled with your keyword and the density on page isn’t too much. Then check that all of the words on the page are talking about that one keyword and not about anything unrelated to the subject at hand. This way the search engine will have the best idea of what the page is about and will rank you highly for the seo keyword you’re targeting.

If the webpage isn’t indexing correctly then it’s probably because you over did it or keyword stuffed the page too much and the search engine is giving you a penalty. Just go back and take out some of the words and you should come back to a better ranking in no time.

The last thing about keyword density is keeping it within 1-3 percent. This is the sweet spot for ranking and will assure that the site will probably not get penalties while at the same time has a high keyword percentage.

A page about keyword densities can be found here.

Jul 12